Trauma-Focused Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Brave people seek counseling. Here at Barnabas, we provide a safe environment to find peace and healing for those who have been victims of crime (child abuse, bullying, domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking).

As trained trauma-focused equine professionals, we partner with local licensed professional counselors and their clients, offering a team approach to traditional counseling. Barnabas provides the facility, equine professional, and the horse(s) at no charge to the client.

Utilizing the Natural Lifemanship Institute’s modality of trauma-focused, equine-assisted psychotherapy, we help clients understand the neurobiology of trauma, its effect on the brain and how it can adversely affect relationships with themselves and others. According to Natural Lifemanship,  “studies show the functionality of the brain in people who have experienced trauma (such as abuse, neglect, combat, or natural disasters) is often compromised due to disorganization of connections in the brain. This often results in individuals struggling with emotional regulation and impulse control and the ability to appropriately handle even minimal stress.”

Applying the principles of Natural Lifemanship’s Relationship Logic, clients can identify patterns in their relationships and begin to change these patterns into healthier, connected relationships. Relationships are the vehicle of change.

For more information and a current list of counselors, please call (843)798-9763.