Equine Assisted Life Coaching

This trauma focused, equine assisted coaching program is designed for survivors of crime, veterans, active military, and first responders.

Using a forward thinking/solution-oriented approach, the certified life coaches at Barnabas partner with area therapists and/or individuals to help clients build healthy, attuned relationships, first with self and then with others. During this experiential journey involving the client, horse, and life coach, clients have the opportunity to recognize patterns that are keeping them from personal growth and connected relationships.

Utilizing the Natural Lifemanship Institute’s modality of trauma-focused, equine-assisted psychotherapy, we help clients understand the neurobiology of trauma, its effect on the brain and how it can adversely affect relationships with themselves and others. According to Natural Lifemanship,  “studies show the functionality of the brain in people who have experienced trauma (such as abuse, neglect, combat, or natural disasters) is often compromised due to disorganization of connections in the brain. This often results in individuals struggling with emotional regulation and impulse control and the ability to appropriately handle even minimal stress.”

Under the guidance of a coach, while working with an equine partner, clients learn to transform negative, self-defeating thoughts and patterns into new, healthier thoughts and behaviors. These realizations provide a great opportunity for discussion and processing during and after each session.

For more information please call  (843)798-9763 or email info@BarnabasHorse.org.