}; Barnabas Horse Foundation Healing Through Fellowship With Horses

About Barnabas Horse Foundation

How a foundation that shares love, hope, and healing through fellowship with horses came ​out of one family’s tragedy and heartbreak. Meet our Staff and Board Members.

 Our Programs and Therapies

From equine-assisted psychotherapy for abused and traumatized children to serving women in crisis to battling post traumatic stress syndrome with our veterans, or support for our First Responders, we are here to help.

How You Can Be a Part of Barnabas Horse Foundation

Sponsorships, our wish list of needs, your tax-deductible contribution, supporting  public events, helping hands on the farm, or care of the horses, there’s a way you can help.

A Few Words From Our Clients


A Breath Of Fresh Air

Barnabas has been a breath of fresh air for my kids, they are always smiling and so relaxed when at the stables. The volunteers are committed to the kids and work with them so well on good days and bad. Our experiences there are invaluable.



Relax and Ground Myself

I always look forward to coming to Barnabas. Being able to hang out with the horses is extremely stress relieving. It is a time where I am able to relax and ground myself before getting back out into the real world.


First Responder

Help To Cope With My PTSD

All I can say is I am so grateful that I went through with the program. Being around the horses, and the leaders/staff at Barnabas, has gone a long way to help me cope with my PTSD. The program has also helped me start to recover from my past trauma.

Unless you have worked with a horse, not to just ride for entertainment, you will not fully understand. You will not know what it’s like to make a connection with a horse. It is a wondrous thing. I have learned to respect a horse and realize I can learn to love myself.


Army Veteran

Saved My Life

The Horses and Staff have saved my life… and taught me how to deal with PTSD a lot better. Putting my hands back on a horse has saved my life


Marine Corps Veteran

Help With PTSD

BHF has helped me with PTSD… it’s a safe, non-judgmental space where I can enjoy the peace that comes from being around these horses that seem to understand [me]


Air Force Veteran