Barnabas Staff & Board of Directors

Katherine (Kelli) Adams is a Board Member for Barnabas Horse Foundation in Myrtle Beach, SC., and worked as a volunteer from November 2013 to October 2016 when she became the Community Outreach Coordinator working until the end of 2018

Kelli was born in Connecticut and grew up on a horse farm in Vermont. Upon attending the University of South Carolina, her whole family decided to move south with her, and they landed in North Myrtle Beach. She competed on the USC, IHSA equestrian team, getting to nationals twice. But she is most proud of helping to lay the groundwork that would gain the USC equestrian team recognition through the SEC and become a fully funded University team.

Fast-forward to 2013 when Kelli is introduced to BHF and vows to forget everything she thought she knew about horses to begin again with the relationship-centered model of Natural Lifemanship.

Among her accomplishments while at BHF, Kelli helped to secure the very first Victims of Crime Act grant in 2016, she wrote the first Waccamaw Community Grant that sponsors Compliments, and she began the yearly antics at the Dicken’s Christmas show known as “the elf train.”

Kelli left the Myrtle Beach area in January 2019, returning to her husband’s beloved Johnston County, North Carolina where she is continuing work on her Natural Lifemanship Certification and continues to work as an equine specialist. Although absent from the everyday happenings at Barnabas, Kelli’s heart will always belong to the people, the horses, and the programs of the Barnabas Horse Foundation.