Barnabas Staff & Board of Directors

Deana Oddo is a part time staff member at Barnabas Horse Foundation (BHF) and is a member of the BHF Board of Directors. She is originally from New Jersey and resides here in Murrells Inlet with her husband Darin and their dogs Cosmo and Luna. She has worked in Finance for 25 years and currently works remotely as a Finance Director for Haleon plc, the company that makes many home health items like Advil, Flonase and Sensodyne toothpaste. At Haleon, Deana drives financial performance associated with their largest customer and their fastest growth.

Deana has always had a passion for horses and as a teenager spent 5 years working with different breeds including Standardbred racehorses, Morgans and Paso Finos. That experience was unfortunately cut short due to an accident with a horse that damaged her confidence.

In November of 2021, Deana was asking God to guide her to her purpose when she saw our billboard in Murrells Inlet. She reached out to ask if she could join the volunteer team even though she still lived in New Jersey. She was sure God intended for her to be with horses and now she knew which horses. Deana started volunteering at BHF in February 2022 and was confident that God was putting her back on her intended path.

When she started volunteering at Barnabas, Deana and Darin were looking for a new home for their family; they found that home in April 2022 and can see the farm from their backyard. Soon after relocating, a part time feeder position opened at BHF; Deana applied, excited to spend more time with our incredible team and magnificent herd.

In November of 2022 Deana enrolled in Natural Lifemanship Fundamentals with our very own Compliments. He and this process helped heal the emotional wounds from that old accident, encouraged her re-entry to horsemanship and enriched her relationships with people. In 2023 Deana completed the Intensive with Angel and both partners grew immensely; she is looking forward to learning more and serving God through BHF.